How to avoid Pregnancy Naturally?

How to avoid Pregnancy Naturally?

If you have an active sexual life and pregnancy is not yet among your plans, you must know how natural planning methods work and that you can put them into practice. Here we explain some of them. In the following article, we get to know about How to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be advantageous for you guys.

Rhythm or calendar method to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally

It consists of counting the days of the menstrual cycle to avoid or to achieve a pregnancy. For example, for a woman whose period lasts between 29 and 35 days. It is estimated that she is not fertile the first 10 days of her cycle (29 – 19 = 10). She is fertile between days 11 and 24 and is infertile on day 25 (35 – 10 = 25). However, it has an annual failure rate of 25%, but it can be reduced to as much as 9% if used properly. It has an effectiveness of 64%.

Women can only use it with regular menstruations (cycles of 28 to 30 days) without delays of more than 3 days in half a year; in other cases, it is unreliable.

Basal temperature to Avoid Pregnancy Naturally

In this method, fertility is determined by changes, in body temperature at rest and upon awakening. Its form of use consists of measuring your temperature every day for 5 minutes, sublingually, vaginally, or rectally. Still, if you want greater precision, you must use it the same way throughout the cycle. During ovulation, there will be an increase of almost one degree.

If used ideally, its annual failure rate is 0.3%, meaning 1 in 32 women will get pregnant. However, several factors can alter your exact measurement. The most effective is to combine this method with that of Billings.

Of cervical fluid or Billings

This method consists of observing changes in cervical mucus, which is not always the same. But changes in quantity and consistency throughout the cycle. In the days around ovulation. It becomes more abundant, liquid, and transparent. When this arises, you should avoid having sex.

This method requires prior training and constant care. It can be very impractical. In addition, it has the problem that the cervical mucus is altered. When there is some infection or sexual disease. If used ideally, its annual failure rate is 0.9%.

Intercourse interrupted to avoid Pregnancy Naturally.

It consists of preventing ejaculation from being made inside the vagina. This method has the disadvantage that viable sperm can be present in the seminal fluid that comes out before reaching an orgasm. It not recommended for those men who do not have adequate self-control.

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