Five recipes to rediscover

Parsnip, 5 recipes to rediscover

The mashed potatoes, the soup, the salad, the pie, and the baked version like potatoes.Parsnip, five recipes to rediscover the forgotten root. Five ways to cook parsnip An ancient origin, widely used by the Romans, but then disappeared in Italy around the Renaissance with the potato’s arrival. It resembles for some properties even if it looks more like an ivory-colored carrot five recipes for rediscovering. It is the parsnip, of which in recent times we are trying to recover the memory and flavor. Here are some recipes to use in the kitchen.

Five recipes to rediscover Parsnip and apple salad

The raw parsnip is a bit hard, so in this case, it should be added to your favorite salad, taking care to grate it coarsely. Five recipes rediscover. Apples are an excellent accompaniment to which you can perhaps add raisins and other seeds to taste (such as sesame or pistachios). Season everything with a yogurt sauce by mixing white yogurt, mustard or lemon juice, salt, and pepper.

Mashed carrots and parsnips Five recipes to rediscover

They are cousins ​​and have often been confused and overlapped throughout history, but together carrot and parsnip form a great flavor team. Boil the parsnips with carrots. And once cooked, work them with a vegetable mill as you do to prepare mashed potatoes. Add a little butter and chopped parsley to the mixture—season with salt, pepper, and some nutmeg if you like it.

Parsnip, 5 recipes to rediscover the forgotten root

Baked parsnip

Didn’t we say that it resembles potatoes in texture and flavor? A great way to enjoy parsnip is five recipes to rediscover forgotten roots prepare them in the oven like potatoes. Cut it into chunks and season with salt, pepper, and olive oil. Five recipes rediscover. The combination with ginger is also trendy: if you like, sprinkle it over the parsnip. Or, for a gourmet touch, enrich them with a few drops of acacia honey.

Parsnip pie recipes to rediscover 

The process for making a nice parsnip pie is straightforward. Just boil the root and pass it in a vegetable mill or blender. Add eggs and fresh cream (or milk), and your favorite spices. Then pour the mixture into a pan and put it in the oven, but not before sprinkling everything with breadcrumbs. There are a few bits of butter on the surface, and after cooking, the (hopefully non-culinary) mess is made.

Cream of parsnip

If in the purée the parsnip has met the carrot which it resembles in shape, in this cream, it meets the potato which it resembles for the sensations it gives to the taste. In this case, potatoes and parsnips should boil in vegetable broth and then blended five recipes rediscover. The mixture thus obtained must cook in a pan with fried shallot and curry (or ginger if you prefer). Add salt and finally add a little milk or cream to make everything a little more liquid.

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