How to factory reset HP Laptop?

How to factory reset HP Laptop?

Every type of computer at some time faces the issue of performance. What you need to do is optimize your laptop. How can you do that? It is so simple. So, no need to panic and get worried. Follow the article and factory reset your laptop to optimize its working efficiency. In the following article, we get to know about How to factory reset HP Laptop? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

You can speed up your laptop and remove the viruses from the computer by doing a factory reset. Before resetting, your first step is to identify your computer’s operating system to factory reset HP Laptop. Secondly, you should learn the steps to reset your hp laptop properly to factory reset HP Laptop.

How to factory reset the hp laptop on Windows 10?

If you are the one who is doing a factory reset for the first time, then performing this task will be easy with Windows 10 to factory reset HP Laptop. Windows 10 is much easier to carry and has simple steps to follow. In this article, we have explained the guidelines to perform the factory reset easily without any hassle to factory reset HP Laptop.

Before starting up with the factory reset, make a backup of your data. It is of no concern; whichever OS you have on your hp laptop, it is better to be on the safe side. What you need to do is have a backup of your device to factory reset HP Laptop. Make sure the Backup you are having is not on your hard drive because in the worst-case hard drive may crash. But, if you store it on your cloud storage, it will remain safe there. You can use the data whenever you want to factory reset your HP Laptop.

Now, moving on to the steps of resetting. Keep in mind there are two ways that you can start with a factory reset. Click on the start menu, and in the search bar, write “reset.” “Reset this PC” will appear on the screen. Click on the results that have popped up on your screen.


The other way is to click on the start menu. Go to settings and select “update and security.” There on the left panel, an option of “recovery” will appear to factory reset HP Laptop. Select that. Once you have chosen, three options will appear that includes

  • Reset Pc
  • Go back to an earlier build
  • Advanced

Now, which option to choose is just your choice. Select reset the Pc if you have to solve the issues of your laptop. If you have a backup in your drive or USB drive, you can choose the ‘Advanced’ setting to reboot your computer and Backup the data.

Once you select the option, click on the get started button. Now, it’s your choice to delete the data permanently, or you have to keep files. Keep in mind that if the information is deleted permanently, no one will access that again to factory reset HP Laptop. So, it’s better to decide wisely before the factory reset of your hp laptop. You will receive a confirmation warning. To approve, click next and continue with the reset. It will take a long time to reset your device. Once it is done, you will use your laptop as a new device.

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