How to get rid of forehead wrinkles

How to get rid of forehead wrinkles

What works best against forehead wrinkles,  and why do you get them? get rid of forehead wrinkles.  We’ll tell you the causes and give you tips for treatment.

Forehead wrinkles give character – and yet pretty much everyone wants to get rid of them. How do the wrinkles appear on the forehead? And what works best against forehead wrinkles? Here you can find out.

How do forehead wrinkles arise?

The causes of forehead wrinkles can be traced back to our facial expressions, but also the aging of the skin. Facial expressions, such as the well-known “frown” or the permanent raising of the eyebrows, cause wrinkles on the forehead far away from the skin aging process. Over the years, this has come into play as well. As a result, the subcutaneous fatty tissue becomes less, the skin thinner, and the expression lines remain even with a neutral facial expression.

What is the difference between forehead lines and frown lines?

The wrinkles on the forehead are divided into two terms: forehead lines and frown lines. What is the difference?

  • Forehead wrinkles run horizontally across our forehead
  • Frown lines are those that run vertically – the frown lines are particularly pronounced on the upper part of the nasal bone between the eyebrows

What do forehead lines say about the character?

There are hardly any wrinkles that give our face more expression than the forehead wrinkles – and yet they are so frowned upon. In doing so, they attribute properties such as wisdom and intelligence to us. Character traits that we are only too happy to write on the card! Many people even find forehead wrinkles attractive and sexy. It is not for nothing that the wrinkles on the forehead are popularly called “thinker’s wrinkles.” Nevertheless: We still prefer to take our time with the frown lines and frown lines. 

When do you get forehead wrinkles?

The point at which wrinkles begin to form depends on various factors. Some get forehead wrinkles at the age of 20, others only at the age of 50. Genetics plays a significant role – just like our facial expressions. If you constantly raise your eyebrows or frown, you will probably get forehead wrinkles sooner. In addition, according to “,” people with drooping eyelids are more likely to have forehead wrinkles because they raise their eyebrows more often. Of course, skincare is also crucial for the development of forehead wrinkles. If you prevent forehead wrinkles sufficiently, you will benefit from a smooth forehead for a long time.

Avoid wrinkles on the forehead: stimulate blood circulation in the skin.

Would you like to delay the formation of forehead wrinkles as much as possible? Then the blood circulation in the skin comes into play. When it comes to wrinkles and firm skin, blood circulation is the be-all and end-all. The collagen fibers are located in the lower layers of the skin and strengthen our connective tissue. But for this to work, the collagen fibers must be supplied with nutrients. This is almost only possible with good blood circulation in the skin. You can stimulate blood circulation in the skin with these methods:

  • Massage: Treat yourself to a soothing facial massage every day. You can apply your skincare product or nourishing oil to the face and massage it carefully with your hands. A rose quartz roller or a jade roller can also help.
  • Coldwater: hold your face under cold water in the morning and evening after cleansing. This can also stimulate the blood flow to the skin of the face.
  • Care: Choose your skincare products carefully. The products should be tailored to the needs of your skin. Creams and serums with hyaluronic acid are advisable. They donate a lot of moisture and can plump up the skin. Products that contain retinol or collagen can also have a preventive effect. Sheet masks for the face are also natural miracle cures. For example, we can recommend hyaluronic acid pads for your forehead. And: a day cream with a sun protection factor is vital. The sun is poison for our skin and one of the most common reasons for rapid skin aging.

How do I get rid of forehead wrinkles?

Once the forehead lines are there, won’t they go away anytime soon? Not quite. There are quite a few wrinkle treatments that you can use to smooth out forehead wrinkles.

  • Care: Here, too, skincare is the magic word. Products that contain retinol can remove fine lines. And basically: the older our skin gets, the more moisture it needs. So never miss out on your elaborate skincare routine
  • Diet: You may have heard it before – diet can change the complexion of our skin significantly. Just try it. Make sure you rely on protein, vitamin C, and unsaturated fatty acids. You will see that a balanced diet also has a positive effect on your skin.
  • Collagen: Collagen is no longer only found in skincare products. You can also take the miracle cure in the form of collagen drinks. In this way, above all, the collagen formation in the deeper skin layers is brought to life, which otherwise can only be stimulated by strong blood circulation.
  • Wrinkle treatment with botox and hyaluronic: If all these methods no longer help, there is still the forehead wrinkle tightening in the form of an injection. Here you have the choice between a  botox and hyaluronic acid treatment. Hyaluronic acid is a natural active ingredient and part of our body. In addition, hyaluronic acid breaks down again over time. Treatment with hyaluronic acid has a plumping effect. The active ingredient botox, on the other hand, is a neurotoxin. The botox treatment paralyzes the facial muscles and ensures that there are no forehead wrinkles.
  • Peeling treatment: A peeling treatment can also help rejuvenate the skin. So-called chemical peelings use to treat wrinkles and freshen up the complexion, remove pigment spots, and even improve acne.

Remove forehead wrinkles without botox.

The word neurotoxin alone triggers an alarm signal in you? Understandable. Paralyzing the facial muscles with botox is a big step. But it doesn’t have to – and shouldn’t – come to that. In addition to the hyaluronic acid and botox treatment, there are countless creams for forehead wrinkles that you can test. If you suffer from the formation of wrinkles on your forehead, you can also think about a hyaluronic acid injection. Since hyaluronic acid is a natural, endogenous substance, the injected hyaluronic acid breaks down again over time. But it doesn’t always have to be a beauty procedure. Instead, there are other options that you can use to hide your forehead wrinkles can – for example, the hairstyle.

What hairstyle for foreheads wrinkles?

If you want to get rid of the wrinkles on your forehead, you can also try a new hairstyle first. Forehead lines and frown lines disappear in no time under a pony! Discuss with your hairdresser whether a pony hairstyle might suit you or consider which hairstyles could hide the forehead wrinkles.

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