How to get rid of spider mites?

How to get rid of spider mites

How to get rid of spider mites. Spider mites-a fairly common pest in indoor and garden plants. There are several species, the most common of which is the familiar red spider mite.

How to identify spider mites?

A spider-like animal most often falls under the leaf. Ticks quickly spread throughout the garden or greenhouse, occupying the most convenient plants, such as cucumbers. They feed on the sap of their leaves, which causes them to shrink and fade, ultimately leading to the death of the entire plant.

You can see the existence and life activities of ticks on the small light spots on the leaves. Spiders are not evident at first because they are few, but their population increases dramatically within a short period, making them visible to the naked eye. They crawled along with the leaves, leaving behind a pile of spider webs, among which new colonies were rapidly developing.

How to get rid of spider mites in the greenhouse?

It is necessary to say that the struggle is not easy, and many traditional methods against these harmful organisms are not feasible. The main preventive measures include the following:

  • Planting cucumbers alternately with tomatoes (on tomatoes, ticks develop worse);
  • Clear weeds in the greenhouse in time, where mites usually hibernate;
  • Provide a comprehensive enough line, which will prevent the rapid spread of spiders;
  • Observed in a greenhouse with high humidity (80%), this is useful for cucumbers but uncomfortable for spider mites;
  • Regularly inspect plants for harmful organisms;
  • When a tick is found, use special preparations for 12-15 days for emergency treatment;
  • Launch into the greenhouse of the enemies of spider mites-look for their phytoseiulus.

To effectively fight against the highly sprouting red spider army, particular drugs are used:

  • “Plant pin.” 

It represents the branches that need to be stuck next to the plant stem. They work during irrigation, and when the water dissolves the active substance, they start to work, destroying the ticks in the early stages of development.

  • “Etisso.”

 Similar to the form and method used, but the active substance drug is different.

  • “Aktellik.” 

The product is sold in ampoules, the contents of which must be diluted with 1.5 liters of water and then immediately processed through an atomizer. Agents are toxic, so it is necessary to work in gloves and gauze bandages.

  • “Fitoverm.”

It is good medicine, but over time it can cause insects to become addicted and stop working.

How to get rid of spider mites in the garden?

In the garden of plants, red spider mites inhabit most often. Before you learn how to get rid of it, you need to prepare. You cannot succeed on the first attempt. The struggle is not easy, and orderly action is necessary. Only in this way can you reduce the population and get rid of pests completely.

So, how to get rid of spider mites lying on the bed:

  1. Folk methods, including washing plants, Soap solution, garlic, and onion infusion, somewhat reduces the number of ticks but do not fully show them.
  2. Biological method-Use the drug “Fitoverm ” to disperse the predatory mites Phytoseulosa and amblyseius.
  3. The chemical method uses acaricides (Apollo, Omayt, Borneo, Nisoran, etc.), insecticides (Akarin, Actellyk, Kleshchev, Aktofit, etc.). Insecticides against spider mites are useless because this pest is not suitable for insects but arachnids.
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