How to introduce yourself in interview?

How to introduce yourself in interview?

Some situations come as safely as trains at a station. Even if with massive delays, they come. One of these situations is a particular interview question. Namely, the question of your previous career, your experiences, and your motivation. In the following article, we get to know about How to introduce yourself in interview? So don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it’s going to be very useful for you guys.

All together, hidden in the innocent-sounding invitation: say something about yourself. This little phrase is not an icebreaker to get to know you better. Your application documents have done that for you. On the contrary: Now it is essential to convince with a polished self-presentation.

How to introduce yourself in interview?

That sounds harder than it is, however. You don’t have to attend rhetoric courses, write an extended essay, or take your autobiography out of your pocket to introduce yourself in interview. Answering this question is more about making a meaningful connection between yourself and your professional background because you are currently interviewing in this same company. If you succeed in this bridge, the basis for further discussion is laid. Not least because of this, the self-presentation is of crucial importance to introduce yourself in interview: You have the opportunity to give the different conversation a positive spin.

But which questions exactly does the HR manager have in mind when he asks you this question? How can you optimally prepare for the self-presentation in the interview? What do you do when suddenly other applicants are also sitting in the conversation, and you have to stand out against the competition to introduce yourself in interview? And which pitfalls should you avoid? You will find answers to all of these questions here. This is how you can start your following interview!

Self-presentation: This is what the HR manager wants to know from you

The most important basic rule is to find out what the other person wants to know when answering questions. This is the only way you can give answers that satisfy your interlocutors. This basis of communication is fundamental in the job interview. It is important to respond appropriately and relevantly to make the best possible use of your time. The following points will help you find out what is really behind the “Tell us a little about yourself” prompt:

  • What is your current professional situation, and what brought you there? The HR manager is interested in what you’re doing to earn your money and why you’re doing it.
  • What made you apply? To what extent can you connect your professional situation with the content of the new job to introduce yourself in interview? What was the decisive moment in which you decided to use it?
  • What are your perspectives and goals with the desired job to introduce yourself in interview? While this call is not intended to provide a detailed plan for the next five years, it should clarify that the job is not a stopgap.

You notice: HR managers want to find out where you stand, why you are looking for a new challenge, and whether you will be satisfied in this job in the long term to introduce yourself in interview. Depending on the job, there are also specific questions that the other person needs to clarify. Here it is essential to show open ears and instinct.

Preparation is everything: what do you want to say?

Even if you now know what is behind the question, that does not automatically mean giving the perfect answer to introduce yourself in interview. Especially in the exceptional situation of an interview, the nerves are often on edge to introduce yourself in interview. To avoid a blackout, it is worthwhile to formulate your solutions at least in critical points. The best way to do this is in three simple steps:

  • Deal with the advertised position

Which points spoke to you in particular to introduce yourself in interview? What tasks do you see yourself in within the new company? Are there any company values ​​that you can identify with?

  • Study your resume

Which skills and work experiences make you as an employee unique to introduce yourself in interview? What about the motivation behind the bullet points? Do you have a goal definition?

  • Connect the results of both researchers and draw parallels

You don’t have to use ready-made formulations to introduce yourself in interview. It is vital that you conclusively explain how your work background and perspectives fit together with the desired job.

However, this three-step rule is not a generally applicable recipe to introduce yourself in interview. Depending on the job, it also makes sense to incorporate other factors into your preparation. For example, your motivation as a career changer or a particular skill to introduce yourself in interview. A mind map can work wonders here.

Stress factor assessment center: this is how you stand out

What is still accessible in a regular job interview becomes a real challenge in the group in the assessment center at the latest to introduce yourself in interview. Here, it is essential to answer appropriately and stand out from other candidates at the same time. That cannot be easy sometimes to introduce yourself in interview. The following tips will help you to keep your nerve and make the best possible appearance:

Don’t look at your competitors. In an exam situation, in particular, you can quickly compare yourself to others to introduce yourself in interview. However, this damages your self-confidence, which is not the best tactic.

Listen to your competition when they present themselves and ask (positive!) Questions. In this way, you show that you are seriously interested in your surroundings and can work in a team because there is also competition within a company to introduce yourself in interview. Fair play begins with the application.

Don’t let yourself be confused. If you’ve prepared yourself well, that’s precisely what you can present to introduce yourself in interview. Even if your competition suddenly unpacks a presentation that could be given at the general assembly of a global corporation.

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