How to Make Slime?

How to make slime

Playing with Slime can be the best activity to have in your free time and is the best exercise for children at parties or get-togethers. Kids love playing with Slimes, and adding this activity to your event will keep them busy.

Slime is readily available at stores, and you can find it at any market. But if you do not want to spend too much money on Sliming, at the same time, if you need it in bulk, then making it at home is a great idea. Yes, you can make Slimes at home with few ingredients and by following easy steps.

First, you need to gather all the essential items required to make Slimy.

Things You Need to Make Slime:

Following are the things you must have to make Slimy at home:

        PVA, white or Clear Glue – 100 ml

        Sodium Bicarbonate – ½ tsp

        Water – as required

        Food Coloring – few drops

        Glitter (if you want to add)

        Container to store Slime

Method to Prepare Slime 

Following simple guidelines will help you create a perfect and smooth slimy at home.

1-     Pour the 100 ml glue into a bowl and add half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to it. Mix both of the ingredients so well that they turn into a smooth paste.

2-     Now, add your favorite or desired color to the glue mixture. You can also mix two colors to make a specific color. However, it is entirely up to you which color you want to add. Remix the mixture.

3-     The third step is to add some liquid for desired texture. You can add water and contact lens solution because it also works the best in the procedure.

4-     Do not add water or any liquid at once. Add slowly and constantly mix until it becomes soft.

5-     Avoid making the texture either too runny or hard to handle.

6-     After the texture is fine enough, take it out and place it on a cutting board.

7-     Start kneading it with your hands, and it is essential to make a perfect slime.

8-     At this point, you can also add glitter or any fancy element to make your Slime look attractive.

9-     Stop kneading once you feel it gained the desired texture.

10-  Transfer it into a container with a lid, and it is ready to use.

With the help of these instructions, you can create your DIY Slimy at home within few minutes. Some additional tips will help you turn your Slime into a perfect one.

Tips for Perfect Slimes

        If you want to make Slime in bulk, increase the quantity to double or triple accordingly.

        Knead your Slime more to avoid stickiness.

        If you want your Slime to be fluffy, add some shaving foam into it for best results.

        To make it look fancier and attractive, add glitter, small stones, or marbles to your Slime.

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