How to Manifest?

How to Manifest?

When we talk about Wellness, Self Search, and Spiritual Growth, we often encounter the expression “manifest”. Manifest a desire, an intention, visualize, manifest.

But how does it manifest itself? What does it mean to manifest?

The term manifest, thus contextualized, is making something actual, therefore manifest, through the strength of one’s thoughts, feelings, beliefs.

We can take a step back to return to a now universal concept, the Law of Attraction. “The Law of Attraction” and “Ask and it will be given to you” best sellers by the Americans Ester and Jerry Hicks are only among the first texts on the subject to retrace, adapt it, a simple but revolutionary concept such as the one defined by Einstein in 1905 through the mass-energy equivalence relationship, within the more complex theory of Relativity: “Everything is energy.”

Everything is Energy, and that’s all there is. Tune in to the frequency of the reality you want, and you can’t help but get that reality “A. Einstein.

Simply as living beings, we are all endowed with a magnetic field and with a personal energetic vibration, which can change according to environmental factors, and with our habits, food, lifestyle, and above all thoughts and emotions; mental health is on par with and essential to physical fitness and the strength of our thoughts constantly defines our reality.

Those who have recently embarked on the path of self-research can approach concepts such as the  Law of Attraction full of confidence or with the unconscious expectation that it is enough to wish or “Ask the Universe” to reap the fruits of their request…

Indeed becoming aware of one’s desires and goals is the first step towards the possibility of manifesting them in the external world, but this is not enough, as the reality around us, and even before that inside us, do not move while sitting comfortably from the sofa. Home, we have to do our job somehow.

This is the most significant misunderstanding linked to the law of attraction and the greatest punctually unfulfilled expectation we have towards life: expecting everything to go as we would like for the mere fact of wanting it.

The other news is that like attracts like, not what we want.

So by the law of like attracts like, we tend to attract people, circumstances, situations that fit perfectly to our vibrational level (and our level of evolution if we speak in terms of karma). Our thoughts have their frequency, and they tend to expand the reality they focus on. Our mind can condition and define our destiny. This is why we should always approach new experiences or life challenges with optimism and a positive attitude, training ourselves to visualize what we are about to live as if we were already living it to the best of our expectations.

Visualizing and then manifesting means thinking about what you want as if we were already living it, firmly believing and feeling that if something or someone is right for us, the whole Universe, full of its perfection, will align itself to ensure that this happens, and not only because we want it, but because it is suitable for us, because like attracts like and because we are also ready to receive it.

It is because if all Energy, we are all simply fragments of the same Source. Everything is connected, we are interconnected with each other, and there are no separations.

How could our genuine desire not meet the answer of the Universe? If the Universe and we are ineluctably connected, or better still, the same thing?

Precisely for this reason, it is wrong to approach our desire with attachment or with a feeling of need. Because this would only feed the vibration by moving it precisely to the state of “lack” necessity or dependence.

It is essential to focus on what we want and not on what we don’t want.

Above all, it is essential to support our views with actions, even small ones that reinforce our intentions. We must be ready to change something.

“To have more you must first of all be more.” Jim Rohn-

When we begin to understand that the first step in the direction of manifestation is to become aware. That we must activate and that the more we work on ourselves, the more ready we will be to receive. What we desire, here we begin to take tangible steps in the direction of manifestation.

There is no written rule regarding the possibilities of evolving. Still, if we want to get closer to the principle of manifestation, we can start with small sacrifices. Leave our safety zone, changing some habits, thus sacrificing something old to do—a place for something new.

Again it is not enough to “throw seeds into the Universe”. If there is no project, if we are not ready, first, to change something. It is not enough to desire, mostly if we do it with attachment and dependence.

Without talking about it and above all without thinking too much about it, training ourselves for change. The possibility of listening to ourselves together with our own actions are the most potent. Manifestation catalysts that we can ask of the Universe.

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