How to play Powerball?

How to play Powerball?

Many lottery lovers worldwide are wondering: Can foreigners (non-US residents) play the US PowerBall lottery? And if this is possible: How do you play the American Power Ball lotteries?

It is no surprise that many foreigners would love to play the USA PowerBall 2020 lottery and have the chance to earn the massive Powerball jackpot that would change their life.

The answer to the above dilemma is: Foreigners (non-US residents) can play the USA PowerBall simply online through the Internet!

Anyone can play the USA Power Ball lottery from any American country or state that does not participate in this increasingly popular lottery, from anywhere in the world, as long as the country’s legislation or territory in which you live does not prohibit the purchase of tickets. Lottery online.

How to play Powerball from Italy?

Nowadays, it has never been easier to play the USA Power Ball lottery, thanks to the introduction of the Internet, which has made this possible, and the whole process is straightforward.

Essentially, someone must be physically present in the United States of America in one of the states participating in the PowerBall lottery to act on your behalf and buy the PowerBall lottery tickets for you.

Many online lottery ticket sales agents have US representatives ready to buy lottery tickets for their customers. All you have to do to play the USA Power Ball lottery is open an online account and register with one of them.

The Powerball Lotto 

If you wish to play Powerball, you can already find some data above. Otherwise, according to your preferences, you want to start the fun by clicking on the link below and accessing the game’s Italian page. On the other hand, if you prefer to learn more about the topic first, keep reading. 

American Powerball lottery in a nutshell

Powerball is a lottery that can be played in 44 US states and the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. 

To win, you have to guess five numbers out of 69 drawn from as many white balls, plus one number out of 26 drawn from as many red balls, called Powerballs. The starting jackpot is set at $ 40 million. Considering these data, it is possible to calculate the probability of winning the pot, which turns out to be 1 in 292.201.338. 

The draw takes place on Wednesday and Saturday nights at 10:59 PM EST. 

The American Lottery History

Powerball’s predecessor was Lotto America, in 1988.

On April 19, 1992, the game and the name were later changed to Powerball. Powerball was the first game to use two ballot boxes. This means it gives the possibility of having both high odds of jackpots and different prize categories. The two ballot boxes have since been used for The Big Game (now Mega Millions) in the US, Powerball in Australia, Thunderball in the UK, Eurojackpot, and EuroMillions.

In March 2001, a multiplier called Power Play was added, allowing players to increase their winnings (not from jackpots) by up to five.

On October 4, 2015, PowerPlay switched from using 42 or 43 balls to the following quantities: 2x (24), 3x (13), 4x (3), 5x (2), 10x (1) but is only available when the jackpot is below $ 150 million.

How to Play Powerball Online

This lottery is played by choosing six numbers: five between 1 and 69, one between 1 and 26. Each number is stamped on a ball selected at random by a machine during the draw. The goal is to match each of the numbers drawn to win the jackpot. However, other winning combinations give access to lower prices.

The image above gives us a clear snapshot of the methods theLotter makes available to players to purchase their tickets online. 

There are, in fact, three game modes. We will start with Normal, but don’t worry, we will talk about Group and Offer Package a little later. 

Normal Game

The choice of main lottery numbers ranges from 1 to 69, and 5 must be selected for each entry. Hover your mouse over the card image and click on the numbers you like. 

Have you made a mistake? Just click again on the number you want to remove, and it is deselected.

If you are not feeling inspired, there is a handy option in the top left corner of the card. Just click there, and the system will automatically fill the ticket for you. If you don’t like the selected numbers, click again to repeat the process!

If you prefer, you can add Power Play and multiply your non-jackpot winnings by up to 10x.

Group Game

To increase the chances of winning, it is possible to play in groups. This method consists of purchasing multiple tickets for a single drawing. On theLotter website, you can play 200 randomly selected lines (i.e., automatically), which can be viewed before deciding on the bet.

What is TheLotter

TheLotter is a privately held company managed by Lotto Direct Limited. It was founded in 2002 and was one of the forerunners of online computer gaming services. The pride of this company is to have made winners, through its services, more than 3 million citizens around the world. Every year, thousands of players of all nationalities are satisfied with their service, who fulfill their American dream of winning the lotto.  

TheLotter gives access to many online lotteries that are held both in the United States and in Europe. Such as American Powerball or Italian SuperEnalotto, with different prize categories. 

How does it do it? Offering its customers the opportunity to purchase lottery tickets through its 20+ local offices around the world. The office staff buys tickets from official dealers on behalf of customers. And the game is done in just a few clicks.


So, if you are the winner, you will receive an email notification on your email. So, or an SMS—the amount, both in the case of some jackpots. And in the case of secondary prizes, they will then transfer to the account. However, if you win big prizes, you will probably need to collect them in person.

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