How to speed up computer?

How to speed up computer?

Are you working on a PC, and its slow speed is boiling your blood? And just because of this reason, you are willing to have a new computer. No please, don’t go for a new replacement. You wonder why? That is because I will share a few of the tips and tricks here in this article to speed up your computer. You have to open up your laptop or pc and start following my recommendations. In the following article, we get to know about How to speed up computer? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

First of all, remember this, there can be many reasons for a computer to slow down its speed. You have to figure them out and work on them to optimize your computer. What factors can relate to the slow pace of a PC or laptop? The factors include the contribution of your laptop in handling and running different programs, the memory utilization, and the editing work too. It also depends on the number of tabs in your internet browser.

How to speed up computer?

Now, once you know the facts and reasons, you must work out to clear up the computer to speed up its working efficiency. You can do two main things to optimize your computer to speed up the work. You can increase the RAM and free up the space from the hard drive.

Despite these two ways, consider a few more tips and tricks. Your first step to optimizing your computer is to clear up all the unnecessary software from the PC. Yes, there are extreme applications on your computer about whom you have zero interest. So, it’s better to free up space by deleting all those from the computer. To do that, click on the start button. There you will get an option of apps. Go to that feature and select. There you will find all the apps. Go through them thoroughly. The one you find unnecessary, you can delete it.


Secondly, you can limit the application usage at your computer’s start. This is the new and upgraded feature of windows ten that you can manage the apps in Task manager to work in the background. This will help your computer work at a good speed.

What else you can do is, have a close look at chrome. Limit the usage of internet browser tabs. The more you open the accounts, the slower the computer will work. Rather than this, clear your chrome cache repeatedly, as the websites use cookies to spectate your surfing history.

Keep an eye on the viruses especially, as they create issues in working and speed. Have Windows Defender software on your Pc to check for viruses.

Remember, if you are facing any issue using your computer in terms of speed and quality, you need to make a few adjustments to your computer to start working effectively.

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