How to call private?

How to call private?

How to call anonymously from your mobile?

Obscuring the mobile number allows the caller to be anonymous, preventing the person receiving the call from tracing the identity of the person calling him. In this article, we read about How to call private?

But is this simple method safe? Are there ways I can still trace the identity of the caller? Let’s find out together.

You can trace the caller’s number by making a simple request for telephone records to your operator.

What makes a person want to hide their phone number? Indeed the main reason is to hide your identity to make a joke on your partner or a friend.

A valid reason for wanting to obscure the telephone number is the one that arises from the need not to want to let the recipient know that we call our number for business purposes.

But how can you hide the number from which you make the call? The techniques are different, as many can be used to find out who is calling us anonymously.

What is the private number?

Any person who owns a telephone number, whether from a landline or a mobile network, can hide their number when making a call. This allows the message: unknown or private number to be displayed on the person’s mobile phone receiving the call.

Hidden number: how to obscure your number

To hide the caller’s number, it is possible to rely on service for anonymous calls: each telephone operator provides it and does not have additional costs.

Anonymous with code # 31 # pound thirty-one pound

The quickest way is to enter the number to call preceded by a code, that is # 31 #: in this way, whoever receives your call will not see your address, but the words “Unknown” or “Private number.”

This system works with any smartphone, Android or iPhone, and can anonymously call both landlines and foreign numbers.

In any case, know that there are specific applications that block calls from unknown or private numbers to call private, so if you call a number with the novel and the line always drops, it is likely that the recipient of your anonymous call is using one of these.

In this way, it is possible to make anonymous calls even to foreign numbers simply by prefixing the code to call.

How to call in automatic Anonymous

Alternatively, you can change your mobile phone settings to make anonymous calls automatically.

How to call anonymously from Android

From an Android device, start the dialer, that is the screen with the keypad in which to type the number to call, and click on the button with the three dots at the top right, go to Call settings, and in the screen that opens go first to Calls and then on Other Settings.

Select the Caller ID item and check the Hide number option: from this moment, the calls that will start from your device will be automatically private.

To deactivate the setting, follow the reverse procedure, go to the dialer, Settings, Calls, and again to Other locations and set the Caller ID option to Default network.

How to call anonymously from iPhone

If yours is an iPhone mobile phone, making anonymous calls automatically is similar to that for Android smartphones.

Go to the iOS Settings, click on the gray icon with gears on the home screen, select Phone, and then Show Caller ID, switching the Show Caller ID toggle to OFF.

From now on, outgoing calls will automatically made anonymously.

To restore the previous situation and make the number visible again, repeat the reverse procedure, moving the toggle of the Show Caller ID option to ON.

In this way, acting through the mobile phone, Android, or iPhone settings, it is possible to make anonymous calls even to foreign numbers.

How to call anonymously from home

Mobile is not the only device for making anonymous calls. It is also possible to make unknown calls from a landline. Type the following key combination before the number to call.

The code is * 67 # and allows you to make anonymous calls to landlines and mobiles. But be careful if you have Vodafone as an operator, you will also have to enter the unique code # 31 # from a landline.

How to find out who is calling with the hidden number

Finding out who is the author of the anonymous calls might seem complicated, but there are several ways to find out who is born behind an anonymous phone call.

Calling a number with a stranger is a system that has minimal security. The simplest way to trace and keep track of who is calling us with this type of call is to request telephone records from your operator.

But there are other systems to find out who calls from a private number. Let’s find out together which ones.

How to trace an anonymous number with Whooping for free

This service, completely free, allows you to trace the author of the anonymous call 24 hours after receiving it. You can shorten the time by switching to the paid version.

By subscribing to the service, it is possible to view the anonymous calls with the relative telephone number on the profile page. Once registered, you will be provided with a code to enter your mobile phone, which will activate a call transfer to the Whooping service. The transfer will be started when you receive the anonymous call and press the key to reject the incoming call. This will be transferred and analyzed by the systems and then appear in the list of incoming calls. If you don’t want to wait 24 hours, you can pay a small amount that will allow you to immediately receive a text message with the caller’s number and even call him back directly afterward.

  • Sign up for Whooping
  • Enter the transfer code in your mobile phone
  • Reject the incoming call
  • View who is calling you anonymously on Whooping

You can always use Whooming to find out the unknown number on your landline, even if not all carriers support call forwarding on busy.

How to find out who calls with an anonymous number with your telephone operator

Another way is to use the Override service, made available by telephone operators: in this case, however, it is a paid service, which unmasks the actual number of the caller.

This operation can be requested from the operator:

  • TIM
  • Wind
  • Vodafone
  • Three
  • Infostrada
  • Tiscali

Keep in mind that its costs are high and it has a limited duration of time, we are talking about 30 euros for 15 days.

To request the activation of the service, you can order by registered letter with return receipt to your manager, with your valid identity document attached, or through the operator’s website, in the section dedicated to voice services, after registration or login your account.

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