How Do You Prepare A Perfect Espresso ?

How to make espresso

Here is a small guide that explains how to prepare a perfect espresso by following a series of basic steps. Helpful information for people in this profession. And to simple customer bar maybe after reading. This post can better assess the professionalism of the bartender who prepares his cup of espresso.

  1. Choose a good coffee. It may seem obvious. But at the base of a good cup of espresso. There is always a good quality raw material—a coffee without defects and process, first on the plantation. Then in roasting. It is carefully preserving better the organoleptic characteristics.
  2. Correct and constant cleaning of the equipment. This, too, may seem obvious, but judging by the average quality of the cups. That is drunk in the bars of our peninsula. not too much.
  3. Grind the coffee at the moment of extraction:  once the coffee has been ground, it disperses its aromas very quickly into the air.
  4. Dispensing a small part of the water from the dispensing unit as soon as we unhook the filter holder allows us to eliminate the previous extraction residues and clean the showers.
  5. Clean and dry the filter:  First, the Best electric pressure washer removes the coffee panel from the previous extraction in the coffee grounds drawer.
  6. Dose and distribute the ground coffee well in the filter. After making sure you have a constant dose of ground. Coffee in our filter holder and having adjusted the grinding. To have the correct contact time between. The coffee and the water. We need to dose and distribute the coffee ground inside the filter.
  7. Press consistently and well leveled. Best home gym Here we try to dispel a myth. The force with which we press the coffee. The filter is not one of the essential extraction variables. Of course. It is essential to compress the coffee panel well and constantly. But the most important thing is the confidence that the pressing is well leveled.
  8. Hook the filter holder and start the extraction immediately. But even before that. Remove any residual ground coffee on the edge of the filter. And on the fins that hook it to the brew group.
  9. Check the duration of the extraction—high protein foods Together with the scale. The timer is one of the tools that every barista. Should use several times during the day. To monitor their extractions.
  10. Serve immediately: Finally, serving and tasting immediately after preparation allows you to appreciate all the organoleptic characteristics present in the cup entirely, avoiding that the drink cools and compromises the tasting.


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