How to save Money ? 30 easy tricks

How to save money

How to save easily? Here you will find 30 tricks to make money while saving on shopping, How to save money home, family, and much more.

How to save? In search of greater financial tranquility, Italians are becoming more and more interested in saving, especially the daily one, which allows them to set aside even thousands of euros a year, only thanks to straightforward tricks.

Whether you only care about saving on spending or how to save money in general in all aspects of life, the following 30 tricks will help you make money by simply saving.

Money. it’s a guide on how to save is divided into six categories:

general savings tips;

With all the ideas that follow, the secrets of saving and having more money are revealed.

Tips on how to save

Some attitudes or ways of doing things, if changed, can help us save money, as in the case of these ten examples that follow.

  1. Create an emergency fund

Low-income families with at least € 1,000 in an emergency fund are more secure financially than middle-income families with fewer savings.

  1. Establish a budget

The first step is simple: keep the tax receipts of everything you buy for a month and divide them into shopping, restaurant, How to make candles personal care, etc. Then, it will be clear how you spend your money at the end of the month and where you can save.

  1. Follow the envelope budget method.

If you have trouble overspending, try the envelope system, where you enter a set amount for each expense category (one for each envelope). And once the money in the envelope is gone, it’s gone.

  1. Think ahead

There is a difference between saving money and saving money for your future. So don’t just spend less, but keep the money you save in a savings account.

  1. Automatically Save

Automating your savings is the simplest and most effective way to save, and it keeps the extra money out of sight and heart. Each month your employer can pay a certain amount of your salary by transferring it to a pension fund, for example.

  1. Set Short-Term Savings Goals

Start with a simple goal, like saving $ 20 a week rather than a long-term savings goal. People save more effectively when they aim for short-term goals.

  1. Start saving for retirement as soon as possible.

Few people get rich on just their wages. It is compound interest that builds wealth over the years. As time is on their side, younger workers are best placed to save for retirement.

  1. Use the 24 hour

rule This rule helps you avoid buying expensive or unnecessary items given by impulse. Think about it for any non-essential purchase for at least 24 hours.

  1. Indulge yourself, but use it as an opportunity to save

Combine the cost of non-essential luxuries with your savings. So, for example, if you decide to pamper yourself with ice cream, the same amount is spent on your savings account. If you think so and cannot afford to save the corresponding sum, you cannot afford to indulge yourself.

  1. Calculate your purchases in hours worked.

Take the amount of the item you are thinking of buying and compare it to your hourly or daily wages. For example, if we’re talking about a $ 50 pair of shoes and you earn $ 10 an hour, ask yourself if those shoes are worth five long hours of work.

How to save on shopping: How to save money

Spending on food is one of the heaviest items on a budget of singles and families. So how can you manage to save on shopping?

  1. Bring your lunch to work.

If lunch in the bar under the office or the canteen costs you around 5 euros, preparing your lunch at home can cost you at least half,  which allows you to save over 500 euros a year.

  1. Dine out once a month

To save money without sacrificing your lifestyle, start reducing the number of dinners out.

  1. Plan your shopping

Decide what you will eat in advance and be faithful to your shopping list once you are in the supermarket. Many people can’t resist the temptation and spend money on products that are not on the list, Heat pump dryers therefore unnecessary. Carefully planning your shopping at the supermarket can allow you to save hundreds of euros a year.

  1. Pay attention to the price per kilo The price

plates in supermarkets, in small print, show the product’s price per kilogram. This will make it easier to compare and choose the most convenient product without being influenced by its size.

How to save on your bank account: How to save money

Another way to save is to check that you are not spending unnecessary money at your bank, being careful to take advantage of the best conditions available. How to save on the current account?

  1. Check the actual costs of your credit card.

Try to understand what the actual costs of the credit card you choose are. Some fees and commissions, especially on an annual basis, can go unnoticed.

  1. Use the ATM

It is advisable to use the ATM to avoid incurring commissions that damage your savings.

  1. Withdraw at your bank counters

If your bank charges fees when you withdraw cash at other banks’ counters, organize your liquidity and make sure you always withdraw at your bank counter.

  1. Check the conditions constantly.

By law, the bank is obliged to send you a communication every time the conditions are foreseen for your account to deteriorate. In this case, you can withdraw from the contract without the application of penalties.

  1. Take advantage of home banking.

Carry out operations such as wire transfers directly from your home banking, accessing your online account management using the secure procedure indicated by your bank. Online transactions are free, while over-the-counter transactions are often subject to commissions.

How to save as a family: How to save money

There are some simple tricks to understand, together with your family, how to save on expenses.

  1. Create a spending limit for gifts

Propose spending limits for gifts dedicated to your family members and a system where you buy only one gift per person during the Christmas holidays. These limits tend to reduce expenses and are highly appreciated by family members with less financial resources.

  1. Buy gifts in advance.

This choice gives you the right time to think about the most important gifts, which are often the most expensive, and maybe buy them on sale.

  1. Don’t Buy Cheap Clothes.

Sometimes it makes sense to prioritize quality rather than price when purchasing family clothes. For example, an inexpensive shirt or coat isn’t a good deal for older family members if it wears out in less than a year, but it might make sense for kids who grow up quickly. We consider the fabric, How to make an omelet the type of sewing, the resistance to washing, and other factors related to quality when choosing clothes.

  1. Plan a “zero expense.”

day Set a “zero expense” day in which no family member spends. For example, Reserve an evening of family fun for free, cook at home, and organize game nights or days outdoors.

How to save on health: How to save money

Health is essential, mind you. If you need to make visits, the mania for saving must not be an obstacle. However, some good habits can keep you from spending a fortune when it comes to health.

  1. Don’t skip

check-ups Routine checkups at the dentist, for example, help prevent cavities, which are expensive and annoying to treat.

  1. Choose generic drugs

Ask your doctor which generic drugs are right for you. Choosing generic drugs can save you hundreds of dollars each year compared to brand-name drugs.

How to save on the house

Whether it’s the mortgage or the management of household expenses, here’s how to save hundreds of euros at home.

  1. Mortgage subrogation

Did you know that through subrogation, you can change the bank with which you open your mortgage to buy a house and renegotiate the fixed or variable rate, saving even thousands of euros?

  1. Watch out for bills

If you live alone or with two, it may be worthwhile to pay your electricity and gas bills exclusively based on how much you consume. Contact your supplier companies to ask what offers are currently in progress. To learn more, read: ” How to save on electricity and gas bills 2018 “

  1. A Weatherproof Home

Keep your home healthy and avoid holes or cracks that let out hot air in winter and cold air in summer.

  1. Use less water

Install low-flow spouts on taps to reduce water usage costs.

  1. Use less soap in the washing machine.

The laundry detergent sold today is highly concentrated and potent. Use a smaller amount than suggested on the package.


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