How to trim dog nails?

How to trim dog nails?

Keep in mind that if your nails are too long, it can cause problems and even change the way you walk. Cutting your dog’s nails is very simple but it requires a minimum of knowledge and care to avoid hurting your dog. Remember that you can always go to your vet to help you with this task and even if you usually take your dog to his grooming session there they will help you. In this article, we read about How to trim dog nails?

How to trim a dog nails at home

Start by choosing a good time and think that it is important that your dog is calm. Once you see that your dog is calm and you have your nail clipper located, guide yourself through these steps:

  • Start clipping the nails on the front paws, then work your way up the back paws, turning your dog on its side or gently pushing the paw back when standing.

  • Hold the leg firmly and cut each nail without reaching the pink area, as this is where the blood vessels are. If you accidentally bleed when cutting your nails, there are products on the market to stop these small bleeds. If your dog has black nails and you can’t see the blood vessel area, don’t worry: cut from underneath little by little until you see a gray oval. When in doubt, always go to your vet.
  • Once all the nails are trimmed, file them to smooth the cuts.
  • When you did, congratulate your dog. You can give him a prize and this way he will remember the activity as something positive and it will be easier for you next time.

How to trim a dog’s nails

It is important that you know what utensils to use to trim your dog’s nails.


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