How to clean the belly button?

How to clean the belly button?

Between skincare and beauty routines, we do not miss the opportunity to take care of our body, trying all kinds of products for an intense and complete cleansing. In this article, we read about How to clean the belly button?

Yet there is a largely neglected area of ​​our body, which we often do not pay attention to, or even ignore or neglect, namely: the navel.

When we are in the shower, and the jet of water flows over our body, we assume that the navel cleans itself, also—as a result, making a big mistake.

The navel must be cleaned in a certain way. Otherwise, we encourage germs and bacteria to concentrate on it. The accumulation of these organisms is not dangerous for health, but it does cause some annoyances, such as the onset of crusts and bad smells.

But what are the causes of the formation of dirt, and above all, what is the method to clean it? Let’s find out how to clean the navel.

Clean the navel: causes and remedies

We said how often the navel is neglected when we are in the shower. We often wonder where the bad smell comes from if we have just washed. Well, it comes from the navel, whose cleanliness is underestimated.

One of the leading causes of navel dirt is moisture. Not drying our body well, and especially the navel area causes humidity and water vapor.

When water stagnates, it causes germs and bacteria to multiply to clean the belly button. But these also increase with bubble bath residues when we hurry and don’t rinse well. This non-compliance can cause the skin to dry out and consequently to the formation of crusts.

Other causes that we cannot control are dust, sweat, and fibers of the clothes we wear. So what needs to be done to disinfect the navel properly.

The remedy of the cotton swab to clean the navel

The remedy is straightforward but primarily homemade, so there is no need to spend money to do it. The technique is to take a cotton swab and dip it in hydrogen peroxide or the intimate cleanser.

How to clean the navel: causes and remedies

Once this is done, the next step is to rub it very gently in the navel area. Without going too far into it, because it would risk irritating the skin.

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