Make Your Far Hills Home Stand Out during the Holidays with these Ideas


The holiday season is just around the corner. Just a few more days, and we’ll officially be in the season to be jolly! It means it’s time to take out all the holiday decorations from the depths of your closet and give them a good cleaning.

From cleaning the kitchen to prepping for holiday meals and decorating the interior and exterior of your house with fairy lights and garlands, the holiday season brings with itself a lot of work. Some homeowners are particular about their decorations. For them, setting up the most perfect Fraser Fir Christmas tree and decorating the front door with an exquisite Christmas wreath is as essential as buying presents and eating a meal together.

Good house decoration also helps set the perfect holiday mood. It’s not at all tiresome to make your home stand out in the holiday season with the perfect decorations. All you need is a lot of passion and out-of-the-box thinking. Follow these ideas to make your Far Hills home and the front door grab the neighbors’ attention this holiday season.

Decorate Your Front Door With A Wreath

Usually, homeowners are more concerned about having a perfectly decorated interior and don’t pay much attention to outdoor decoration. Let us tell you that decorating the outdoors and entry doors is as essential as decorating the indoors. 

One easy way to decorate the outdoor is by placing a Christmas wreath on your front door. You can either DIY the wreath or purchase one from a store. With a DIY one, you can let out your inner creativity by decorating the evergreen or pine wreath with holly berries or ornaments of your choice. Hang the wreath with a ribbon, and your house’s front door is ready to welcome Christmas.

Make A Front Door Statement With A Ribbon

Remember how we said that thinking out of the box with the outdoor decorations will help your house stand out? To do that, take one full-length ribbon and wrap it around your front door in the same way you wrap a present. Pass one of the ends of the ribbon through the front door bracket and tie it on the back with the other end like how you tie a ribbon. 

Place a cute silver bow at the intersection to seal the entire look. Your neighbors won’t believe their eyes when they see a front door that looks like a giant gift!

A Christmas Tree By The Front Door

Christmas trees look as beautiful outdoors as they do indoors. Homeowners may wonder what they’ll do with two Christmas trees? Don’t worry; we have a solution for that. This holiday season, adopt a potted Christmas tree through a company that offers adoption and place it beside your front door. Decorate it with fairy lights, homemade ornaments, and candy canes to create a merry environment for people coming to your house for a holiday dinner.

After Christmas, you can send the tree back to the company and collect a deposit. The advantage of potted trees is that they can live 4-5 years and return to your front door.

Be Creative With The Windows

Don’t forget the windows when decorating the outdoors for the holiday season. A simple way to do that is by making paper snowflakes, snow angels, and elves to hang on the windows or French doors. You can also involve your kids in the process to turn this into a fun family activity.

Make things more interesting by using glow in the dark paper for festive decoration during the day and glowing mystical creatures during the night.

Pretty Up Things With Fairy Lights

Most of us have fairy lights in our homes. Arrange them around the front door and stairway to further beautify the outdoors for the holiday season. You can also wrap some around the potted tree to brighten up the environment.

If your house has a wrought iron door with ornate scrollwork, wrap the light around it for pretty feels. However, ensure to keep the light away from the doorknob. You can also place colorful DIY lanterns on the stairways or hang them on the front door to add a pop of color.

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