How to unclog the toilet?

How to unclog the toilet?

Have you ever had a clogged toilet? Indeed, the easiest thing to do in these cases is to call a plumber, but when this is unavailable, what to do? There are many remedies for unclogging a clogged toilet, some of which are easy to perform and do not require too much effort. There are numerous remedies to be used in place of chemicals to unclog toilets and plumbing, which are very aggressive and can also cause dangerous burns if they contact the skin. Here are some practical tips on how to unclog a toilet safely, saving time and even money!

How to unclog a clogged toilet

To clear a clogged toilet and get fast results, the first thing to do is not panic. First of all, wait before flushing: wait at least 10 hours to ensure the toilet is blocked. Often, the excessive amount of toilet paper introduced, which accumulates and creates obstructions, even serious ones, causes congestion in the bathroom.

In these cases, the best solution to unclog the toilet is to wait for the paper to soften and for it to slide into the bottom, freeing the drain slowly. If you mistake pulling the chain, the water causes the obstruction effect as the paper concentrates in one place and does not slide easily.

 Clear the clogged toilet home remedies

You can clear the clogged toilet with home remedies that are harmless to health and easy to perform. The first remedy is hot water, but to be thrown into the bathroom only after removing the excess water: when the toilet becomes clogged, the water stagnates in the cup and does not disappear. To remove the water from the bathroom, you can use a cut plastic bottle or a pump to facilitate the operation.

After removing the water from the cup, throw in a reasonable amount of boiling water, suitable for softening the crumpled toilet paper. At this point, to unclog the clogged toilet, use the toilet brush to move the block, finally pull the drain. The bathroom is unclogged when you hear the suction of water. Otherwise, repeat the operation because it means that it is still not completely free.

Free the toilet with vinegar and baking soda

Another effective remedy for clearing the clogged toilet is baking soda combined with vinegar. To unclog the toilet with bicarbonate and vinegar, mix these two ingredients, which, thanks to the effervescent chemical reaction, act against plumbing jams. To make the mixture work at its best, it is necessary to eliminate the excess water in the cup. Then it is possible to pour two cups of vinegar and a glass of bicarbonate into the toilet, also adding a pot of hot water to bring the solution into the pipes.

Also, in this case, it is necessary to help yourself with the brush, hand. If the operation is not successful, repeat several times until the drain is free. The combination of bicarbonate, vinegar, and hot water sooner or later manages to unclog a clogged toilet and pipes.

How to unclog the toilet?

How to unclog  toilet with water, coarse salt, and bicarbonate

Another remedy to unclog the clogged toilet is always using hot water, a solution composed of bicarbonate and coarse salt. The proportions are of a glass of both ingredients to be poured into the toilet bowl. After letting it act for a few minutes, throw boiling water over it. Together with the coarse salt, the bicarbonate acts as a natural abrasive that allows the water to flow more fluidly and unblock the pipes.

unclog the toilet with coke

To make this corrosive drink effective, mix 250 grams of coarse salt and 250 grams of sodium bicarbonate with 2 cups of Coca-Cola. Pour the three ingredients into a plastic bottle, mix well and pour the mixture into the cup. Wait a few hours and then flush the toilet: the toilet is accessible!

How to unclog the toilet with the compressed air gun

Effective for unclogging the toilet. The compressed air gun use by shooting the air into the exhaust pipe that crumbles the cap and clears it. It is a fast system and able to guarantee almost immediate results. Moreover, it is safe because it does not damage the pipes. After use, check that the drain hose connection to the wall has not moved due to the pressure exerted by the jet of air.

UNclog toilet with the plunger

A plunger is an excellent tool for unclogging clogged toilet bowls and related pipes. Pour in hot water before using the plunger. And try to remove the block with your hands covered with a pair of gloves. It sure doesn’t look good, but it’s also the easiest to do in these cases. After pouring in hot water, take care to get this tool to soften it. Press and pull several times to move the cap.

To unclog the toilet with the metal probe?

This is a solution typically used by plumbers, but anyone can unclog the clogged toilet. The metal probe is an inexpensive tool, easy to use, and must interest  in the bathroom: when you feel that you have hit the cap, make small rotations with the tip, taking care to fragment the traffic jam that obstructs the drain. You will see that gradually the water will begin to flow, and the drain will release

Unclogg toilet with caustic soda

If you have tried all the remedies listed above and none of them allowed you to unclog the clogged toilet. Then it means that the problem is severe. And you need to resort to caustic soda. To clear the toilet with caustic soda, pour two tablespoons into the cup and leave immediately. It is essential to keep away as soda in contact with water releases heat and dangerous vapors. In order not to breathe them, you have to move out. Let the caustic soda sit long enough, and only then check to see if the drain has cleared. Remember to use caustic soda only if the other remedies have not worked.

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