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How to get fair skin?

Fair skin, no doubt, everyone wants. The spotless, white, glowing skin is everyone’s favorite. But we are too busy in our life that we dont have enough time to take care of our skin. The kitchen routines, school or college life, job, business, meetings, and other activities dont allow us to stand in front of the mirror and think about our skin. Or who has enough time r budget that you spend every day or every week on parlor or salons? In the following article, we get to know about How to get fair skin? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

But at the weekend, I suggest you give time to your skin, get back your healthy and fair skin, and avoid the factors that make your skin dull.

Factors that make your skin dull

There are a few factors that we should avoid to maintain a fair skin tone in our daily life. Like:

Direct sun exposure

Sun rays make our complexion dull in a few minutes. The sun’s UV rays are strong enough that affect our skin and start damaging it.

Oily skin

The extra production of sebum glands causes pimples, acne, whiteheads, and blackheads that damage our skin and make it dull.

Cheap and artificial products

The fake, cheap, and commercial products few times full of chemicals and toxins and promise to give us fair skin, but all are fake. Initially, they give us satisfying results, but the chemicals and toxins make our skin inflammatory, burning, reddish, and damage it deeply. Many skin diseases like skin infection, permanent acne, skin cancer, black patches on the skin, etc., cause the skin by unhealthy and artificial products.

Leave the makeup overnight on the skin.

We should clean our skin before going to bed because, at thi time, our skin also wants to breathe and take rest. But if you forget to remove the makeup, it causes irritation and bacteria production. At night it’s a time for regeneration of cells that makeup dont allow.

Hormonal imbalance

The hormonal imbalance also affects our skin and a system like more stress, staying awakened at night, changing the menstruation cycle, etc. are the common causes of hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance causes pimples, acne, and hair growth on our body that make it dull.

Fast food and heavy, oily foods are also harmful to your skin and health.

Skip exfoliation

Exfoliation is essential for our skin because we remove the dead skin cells in this process. And thus, our skin generates new clear skin. But skipping exfoliation is also a factor that makes our skin dull because of dull, dead skin cells.

Dehydration and improper diet

Dehydration causes an imbalance of ph in our skin and makes it acidic, allowing the production of bacteria and acne that damage our skin and dull it.

Improper diet or avoiding natural foods like vegetables and fruits can make the skin lose elasticity and sag, making you look much older than your actual age.

How to get fair skin

If you wonder how to get fair skin with home remedies, you should keep in mind the importance of keeping it clean and free of residue. With a clean face, your skin will be ready to fully absorb the nutrients in the products and make the whitening effect more visible.

I recommend you to use natural skin products because the commercial products contain plastic beads in scrub cream that dont exfoliate your dead skin cells but damage the upper dermis.

And the plastic mask claims that they close your skin pores that dont allow the pollution to go inside, but the plastic masks cover the skin pores, and our skin cant breathe.

Home remedies for fair skin

Vitamin C for fair skin

First of all, you should know that eating foods rich in vitamin C can help you make your skin look whiter. It is known and scientifically proven that this property helps reduce melanin production in the skin. Remember that melanin is the dark pigment stored in our cells and that, when activated, allows us to increase the skin color by a few tones. Therefore, if you consume vitamin C, you will ensure that melanin is not activated in large proportions, and you will be able to maintain your white complexion.

Sugar and Vitamin C skin exfoliation

Sugar is a natural exfoliator that removes dead skin cells so let’s make a skin exfoliator with sugar and lemon.

Add granular sugar to lemon juice and mix well to make a grainy sugar scrub. You can also add olive oil or almond oil to moisturize your skin naturally.

mask based on flour and milk

Mix both ingredients ( milk and flour) until you get a paste and apply it to your face, where it should rest for approximately 10 to 15 minutes. After this time, remove the concoction by rinsing the face with warm water and a remarkable whitening effect. You will look great!

Fair skin with rice water

The skin brightening enzymes in rice water make it a key ingredient in Japanese and Korean beauty rituals. It is known to fade dark spots and blemishes and brighten up the complexion for a clear and smooth texture.

You have to boil a handful of rice in 2 cups of water, let it boil and once it is ready, let it cool. Then, dip a cotton pad in the rice water, pass it over the area to be treated and finish by rinsing with cold water.

Potato water

The potato is a natural skin bleaching agent that helps to remove dark and dull skin cells and brighten the skin internally.

After peeling and crushing the potato, take a strainer and put the crushed potato. Press it with a spoon and collect the potato juice.

Add honey to it and mix well. 

Dip cotton in the mixture and apply in a circular motion on the skin.

And leave it for 20 minutes, then rinse with water.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is obtained from the medical plant and has skin whitening and firming power.

Daily before going to bed, apply aloe vera gel on the skin and leave it overnight.

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